Truely Customizable document management solution

Time is of the essence--and that goes for the time it takes to retrieve, refile, store, and distribute content. With JBM’s NetDoc WEB management solution, handling your documents and other content is easy, affordable, and scalable. This custom project was designed for our HIGHSPEED bizhub MFPs making scanning and filing documents simple.

Key Features

  • Search & Retrieve Documents both Locally and Over the Web
  • Customizable Windows Print Driver allowing user to print directly to Folder with searchable keywords/Metadata.
  • Web Browser Based PDF Reader
  • Client-Side PDF Editor
  • Feature Rich PDF Form Filler
  • Interactive PDF Form Designer
  • Protect & Secure PDF Content
  • Save & reopen partially completed PDF form
  • Control PDF content usage (e.g. print once)
  • Lock PDF form field values or object locations
  • Add timestamps or user signatures from a user signature pad

Compatible with 99% of internet browsers on Microsoft WindowsMac OS X, &Linux

  • No Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • No Adobe Flash.
  • No Microsoft Active X.