Awesome! The New MailRoute SpamStore™ and Portal

The New MailRoute SpamStore™ and Portal

We are proud to announce the beta release of the new MailRoute administrative interface. This new interface replaces the original MailRoute SpamStore™, and provides a tremendous amount of new functionality for managing individual MailRoute accounts, as well as new features and services for Resellers and Company Administrators.

Logging in to the new interface:

Your old SpamStore login information will work with this new system. If you have an issue logging in, you can click the "Forgot your password?" link on the log in page, and try to reset your password. If you still have issues, please contact us at and we'll figure out what is going on.

Here's a sampling of the new features:

Expanded storage of quarantined messages to two full weeks
Sorting and searching of quarantined messages
View virus-infected messages, and malformed messages within quarantine
Recover and whitelist senders
Optional quarantine notifications (coming soon, requires complete userlist for the domain)
Whitelist and Blacklists:
Manage domain-wide white and blacklists (Administrators only)
Bulk add of white/blacklist entries
Per-user whitelist and blacklisting
User Management (Administrators only)
Create, modify, edit individual users
Import/export lists of user accounts
Filter Settings:
Domain-wide default settings
Per-user settings may override domain settings (requires complete userlist for the domain)
Filtering categories include:
Bad Mime - messages with invalid MIME message formatting
Bad Headers - messages with headers that violate internet standards
User and Domain Aliases:
Users may have multiple aliases, which share filter settings, white/blacklists and quarnatines
Domains may have multiple aliases, which share all settings and user accounts
Email Delivery:
Place email delivery on "hold" for a domain
Specify multiple mailserver for delivery
Load balance traffic to multiple servers
Failover to secondary or tertiary servers
Specify multiple servers for outbound services (requires subscription to outbound service)
Yes, this is more than a simple upgrade of the old SpamStore! This is a complete management portal for MailRoute services, which gives end users an adminstrators complete control over their MailRoute services.

Notes for Administrators

Administrator Access

If you're supposed to have access to the administrator functionality for your account, but you're only seeing your own personal account information, please contract us at and we'll fix it.

Be sure to check your contact information!

Each company can have one or more contacts listed, and each contact can be tagged as:

We've pre-populated this info with what we had in our old system, but with the new categories of information available, we are sure that you'll probably want to make some additions and changes. Please be sure to update the contact information for your account right away. We're sure you don't want to miss out on all the HOWTO information, formal documentation, and service and feature releases that are coming soon.

Domain Aliases

Imagine if you have one primary domain - let's call it "". And then you get a bunch of extras like "", "", "" and so on. You don't want to manage individual settings and userlists for each domain, do you? You probably want them all to share the same info. With MailRoute, you can set your secondary domains to be aliases of (Primary domain) (alias) (alias) (alias)
The aliases inherit all the settings of the primary domain. They'll get all the same users. And users can log in to our portal using their email address at any of those domains and change their settings for all of them at once.

And best of all: there is no charge for domain aliases!

User Aliases

This aliasing stuff works for user accounts too. If you've got a user whose primary email is "", and he has other aliases, like "", "", "", you can list them as aliases: (Primary email) (alias) (alias) (alias)
And yes, the aliases share all the same settings as the primary email account. And the user can view all the quarantined email for all the aliases in one place.

And yes, you guessed it: there is no charge for user aliases!

Complete User Lists are Optional - but highly recommended!

We know that not everyone can provide a complete list of all users to us. Maybe they have a rapidly changing user base, or dynamically generate email accounts, or use catch-all addresses. We don't require that you give us a complete user list.

But if you don't, there are a couple features that we're unable to provide:

Per-user filter settings
Quarantine notifications
When you've provided a complete list of all users, you can select a checkbox that tells us "user list is complete". And then we'll start bouncing email to any address that's not in the list (be sure you've set up all your accounts and aliases, before doing this, of course). And we'll also enable the quarantine notifications and allow administrators and end-users to set user filter settings that override the default domain-wide settings.

More to come

Yes, there's more to come. We'll be providing you all with a steady stream of information about this new system, and new features and services as they become available.

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