Due to the IT house call volume. I have compiled a list of the "Top 15 Topics You Need to Know" it's going on the refrigerator!

Things you should know if u live in this house!

1) Facebook is not the Internet

1.5) Be kind online! All post!

2) Internet down = computer room reset the black Windstream box & the Cisco box

3) file system formats
FAT32/NTFS = Windows
WinFS = bad subject! don't bring it up! EVER!

4) TCP/IP = transmission control protocol / Internet protocol

5) Google.com = more than search!

6) Never speak bad of Steve jobs!

7) Mickeysoft Windows vs apple OSX = who cares! Balance consumption is the way to go. Plus Linux will win in the future!

8) wireless wifi works 90% of the time. The other 10% reboot the access point in the computer room. The box with the pretty blue iron man lights.

9) No AirPlay= unplug or reboot the apple tv. Hold down the menu button on the silver remote for 6-7seconds and close all ios apps with double tap wiggle function!

10) No security/virus/malware software works! Just smart browsing. Don't click whatever pops up! U don't win online! Anything!

11) I don't know your passwords

12) always have 3 backups of your homework. A USB drive is NOT a backup. Skydrive or Dropbox is the ticket!

13) I can & do track all web traffic ;) just staying. & Yes I'm throttling the bandwidth @ night!

14) remember iCloud is in beta. The song will play wait 4 it!!

15) YouTube buffering is part of life! I can't help you! Remember AT&T hates you! Stay on wifi if possible!

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