PDFpen E-SIG Tip :)

1) Scan your signature.

2) Import your scanned signature into your PDF. There are four ways to do this:
- Choose File > Insert from the main menu
- Click the "Insert" icon on the toolbar
- Drag the file from the Finder
- Copy and Paste the signature image from another application directly into PDFpen

3) Make the background of your scanned signature transparent: with the signature selected, choose Edit > Make Transparent Image. Use the eyedropper to click on the background color of the signature. The Tolerance slider can adjust how sharp the edge of the the transparency appears. Click Make Transparent.

4) If your signature appears too thin, choose Edit > Undo. Repeat Step 3 with decreased tolerance.

5) Use resizing handles, with the Shift key held down to constrain proportions, to resize the signature to fit appropriately.

from geekspeak Blog http://www.jbmga.com/the-blog/2012/6/19/pdfpen-e-sig-tip.html