Dispatcher Phoenix - Automated Workflow Solution from Konica Minolta

Let Dispatcher Phoenix streamline your document workflow with automated workflows, common document processing tasks such as redaction, highlighting, file conversion with OCR...

PrintPath is an easy-to-use, easy-to-configure print-and-copy tracking and cost recovery application providing

PrintPath Key Features

  • Manage prints & scans
  • Track scans & faxes
  • FollowPrint, Secure Release & mobile print release
  • Accounting, rules, tracking & use-reports
  • BrowsePrint from MFP panel & mobile GuestPrint
  • An integrated Konica Minolta MFP software accessory

Scan, Convert & Process Documents in 3 Easy Steps

  • At the multifunction device (MFD) user panel, select the desired scanning or document process.
  • Enter an email address or browse to the network location to which you want the file sent.
  • Place your documents in the document tray and select "Enter" - you're done.

Convert Scanned Documents to Editable Word, Excel, PDFs & More Convert scanned documents to 8 different editable document and image file formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Searchable PDF, PDF/A, PDF Image, RTF, and TIFF ScanPath has a powerful OCR (optical character recognition) engine that recognizes text images on a page and converts them into editable text.

ScanPath Key Features

  • Easily convert scanned documents to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs & more
  • Scan to custom-built workflows such as accounting, legal & HR
  • Send scanned documents to Google DriveBoxDropBox & more
  • Scan directly to Microsoft SharePoint

Secure Audit Record for all Konica Minolta bizhub MFP Activities

Benefits of DocAudit Reduce data and document security breaches Secure and complete content audit trail of all bizhub MFP activities Multiple administrative search capabilities Facilitates industry and regulatory security data and record compliance DocAudit Key Features bizhub MFP activities are securely archived and accessible only by permitted users Automatically records all bizhub MFP activities by user, device, date, and time Documents are full-text searchable through automatic OCR (optical character recognition) Automatically captures the 3-part user activity record Administrators can view secure records through either a desktop client or via the web through a browser client DocAudit protects your confidential information by creating a complete and secure audit record of all copy, print, scan, fax, and email activities completed on Konica Minolta bizhub MFP devices.

Automated Document Processing & Workflow

DocSystem replaces manual, paper-based document processing with automated electronic document (eDocument) processing and workflow. It substantially improves efficiencies, eliminates labor-intensive processing, and saves money by reducing processing costs.

DocSystem allows automatic and instant electronic routing of eDocuments. These eDocuments can be electronically sent to individuals for review, mark-up, change, approval and electronic signatures. Once an action is taken, the document can be automatically forwarded to others, notifications sent, intelligently routed to printers, or output in other methods.

DocSystem can also perform full page, zonal, and barcode OCR (optical character recognition) on documents and files. Once the document is OCR’d, DocSystem can automatically extract identifying, indexing and cataloging information for further processing or filing.